The Government Set Up The Stage Yin Zhengyi Encounter Bottleneck Of Home Appliances To The

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Following the conduct of cultural, science and technology, the "three rural areas" activities, another government department, "Sunshine Project" pushed to the front. Recently, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce jointly promulgated the "bringing home appliances products pilot project tender documents", from December 2007 to May 2008, in Shandong, Henan and Sichuan provinces of the fridge (refrigerator), color TV and mobile phone 3 products, carry out "home appliances to the countryside," pilot, the pilot areas by the central and the financial means to direct subsidies to a certain percentage of capital subsidy, subsidy of up to 13% ratio. This standard, if the 2,000 yuan to buy a refrigerator, the state will subsidize 260 yuan to farmers.

Government will actively promote "home appliances to the countryside," developed for the rural consumer features, reliable performance, quality assurance, affordable home appliances, and provide circulation to meet the needs of farmers and service, activation of the purchasing power of farmers, accelerate rural consumer to upgrade, expand rural consumption, and promoting the coordinated development of domestic demand and foreign demand. While affirming the government, while the starting point, many experts questioned, experts say, whether in its necessity, or its feasibility on such a thing should not be dominated by the government. But also in terms of appliance manufacturers, such as pick up a hot potato, while manufacturers in developing channels and increase sales, brand reputation point will bring the added value of the class; on the other hand is facing the logistics, channel after-sales service strength of the test.

Government set up the stage to promote "rural areas"
Notice, according to tender documents, in accordance with the new trends in rural consumption upgrade, organization of industry and commerce, development, production characteristics for rural consumption, reliable performance, quality assurance, affordable home appliances, and provide circulation to meet the needs of farmers and after Service is the second "home appliances to the countryside," the main purpose of the pilot. If pilot successful, "home appliances to the countryside" will be across the country, the product will also be expanded to five categories (TV, fridge freezers, air conditioners, washing machines and mobile phones), while the large amount of financial subsidies after the implementation may be tens of billions of element.

Access to the tender invitation reporter found that the tender documents, bidders must be registered in the production of domestic enterprises, with ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, products must be the national exemption tender product.

View, the Chinese government in foreign trade frictions, faced with overheating investment, the powerful step move, "domestic demand" engine throttle would be a wise choice. And the current state exempt the agricultural tax, the implementation of compulsory primary education in rural policies and agricultural prices have really increased the income of the farmers. On the other hand, rural power grids, Tongwangtongjia such measures, but also for rural electricity has much improved. All this provides the conditions for stimulating rural consumption. Only through government-led intervention in the form of a relatively good competitive consumer electronics market to boost rural consumption, how much is something wrong.

Ministry of Commerce has revealed that a certain person in charge: "The project's design concept is from the" export tax rebate "policy to get inspiration, since the export tax rebate can effectively stimulate the growth of exports, then turned to farmers if subsidies similar consumer class , also should be able to start to promote rural household appliance market. "The official also said China's fiscal expenditure over the past more than a" financial investment "and" Export Finance ", hope the project can become the" Consumer Finance "and" public finance "an innovation on the expenditure patterns and try.

China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said Xu Dongsheng, Deputy Secretary-General of the State to provide subsidies for rural household appliances consumption, on the one hand help to open up rural markets and stimulating domestic demand, on the other hand to provide an opportunity to brand home appliances business. Previously, the rural market flooded with a lot of no-name home appliances, home appliances to the countryside for the project to provide practical design of low-cost rural markets brand-name home appliances, household electrical appliances in rural areas will help to expand the brand's market share.

This, some experts are not authorized. Appliance If it can, "rural areas" certainly is a good thing, but the key is how the countryside. If in 1982 the State Council issued the "urban-rural commodity circulation channels on the clear decision to expand the industrial countryside" was not strong purchasing power in rural areas, industrial conditions are not rich history dictates, then the "home appliances to the countryside" is because of what ?

In fact, the history of "home appliances to the countryside" is not the only government-led, there is spontaneous formation of enterprises.
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The Government Set Up The Stage Yin Zhengyi Encounter Bottleneck Of Home Appliances To The

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This article was published on 2010/12/23