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Junk from China Association was informed that, "General identification of second-hand quality" and discarded household appliances for the "second-hand quality and identification of the old house
Device "industry
Has passed the state
Department of Audit, forthcoming; China's first "waste electrical and electronic products recycling Regulations" in October last year has been the completion of the public consultation, has entered the review stage, this year is expected to formally adopt and enforce.

Upcoming industry standards or the implementation of second-hand home appliance recycling of Fuzhou will play what role? Fuzhou day this reporter visited the HSBC Electronic City, Fuzhou, the swap market, second-hand appliances and related professional


Recovery appliance stores optimistic

There are indications that the professional appliance stores appliance recycling will rise to differentiate
Focus. Fujian has contacted reporters
States United States
And other stores, without exception, that the information fed back: Without exception, they are used in the hair appliance recycling capacity.

Xue-yu, general manager of Fujian, said Paradise Paradise headquarters are in second-hand home appliances recycling
Expected during the year starts, Fujian store will launch next year.

Suning market in Fujian
Department officials said Suning stores in Fujian activities of pre-launch of the TM to a relatively good result, which reflects the appliance from the side has a considerable prospect of recovery.

"Professional appliance stores or on the Jiu Jiadian recovery prospects looking forward, we will Jiujia Dian store for recycling as a competitive differentiator
Focus, the independent platform for building your own recovery. "A home appliance store in Fujian relevant responsible person said that the current appliance stores as consumers conduct Jiu Jiadian recovery is not yet understood, since the store to Fujian Jiu Jiadian recovery was not ideal to carry out. And in the future, the company will Aftermarket center from the enterprise
Architecture singled out, change the recovery of the original form of simple helper to Jiujia Dian recovery up to a higher level.

No doubt, Fuzhou appliance recycling of variables is still quite large, the next home appliance stores, if "substantial" participation in the market recovery, Fuzhou and Fuzhou City, Tin Fung electronic junk swap market will take a lot of benefit to face Topography of the appliance stores the direct siege.

Chaos perspective

Do not work non-standard

"A price of 80 background?" Yesterday, who lives in Shanghai, Fuzhou, Ms. Ni Village home recycling old face
Hawkers, vendors agreed on the wound or the head start of "a price."

Hawkers walk in on this deal in the business. Indeed, in Fuzhou, the recovery of cell migration of Jiujia Dian hawkers now becoming Jiu Jiadian recovery
Where the key transfer link. But the hawkers around their walk, been counting on for the home appliance recycling "regular" Spreading the boss as a thorn in the market.

Yesterday, the reporter visited Fuzhou Tin Fung Electronic City, Fuzhou, the swap market, second-hand home appliance recycling two existing secondary market, found that "regular army" of "guerrillas" had quite a resentment.

Fuzhou days, according to Deputy General Manager Wu Fung introduced Electronic City, Tin Fung Electronics City from 1996 to the first four 50 businesses, more than 200 million years of trading, however, developed into today's 112 business, trading four million years, ten years after "curve up" before they lay the largest second-hand home appliances, Fuzhou current market status of the lakes. Wu said that second-hand appliances Fuzhou 8,000 million a year market share, "guerrillas" and "regular" The competition is fierce.

Flow from the market situation, "recovery? Overhaul? Circulation" has become a waste home appliances "
"Mode. While in circulation, if the employees good and bad, recycling market may become a potential point of disposal of stolen goods. Wu said that the introduction of relevant national policies, implementation of the standard very beneficial to the overall development of the market.

"Dozens of suspected stolen goods in each incident, very hard to detect." Wu admitted that because the streets "dray Family" (referring to the Jiu Jiadian recycling vendors) often thieves "resale goods" sold to the market The market traders thus take the potential disposal of stolen goods
. In addition, the "dray family" recovery Jiu Jiadian most components of aging, easily lead to leakage of harmful substances not only causes environmental pollution, but also harm the human body.

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Second-hand Goods Market: The New Rules Are Spared From War Want To Clean Up The Portal Upgrade -

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Second-hand Goods Market: The New Rules Are Spared From War Want To Clean Up The Portal Upgrade -

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