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" Home Appliances TM to a number of unscrupulous renovation works are being fattened. "Recently, reporters learned that the industry, now home appliances TM to booming, but many unscrupulous manufacturers are to benefit from it refurbished. Jiujia Dian large recycling plant was transferred to the ground floor renovation, renovated into the country through illicit channels, 3 Some areas of the market and abroad

Sell . Lawless renovation factory fire appliances TM to secretly profit
"State financial subsidies greatly stimulated the desire of consumers for product replacement. Appliance TM to is showing tremendous explosive." Reporter has interviewed the major home appliance stores in Guangzhou understand that in the recent purchase of home appliances of the customers More than half are involved in a "home appliance TM" preferential policies. Canton

States United States Official said, the city's current state of the United States nearly 50 stores have been recovered more than 40,000 units Jiujia Dian. Canton 100 appliances,

Suning The "appliance TM" Progress is also popular. The cumulative recovery of Jiu Jiadian store nearly 100 000 units. Appliance TM to successfully stimulate the consumer electronics market, surely this is a very good thing. But the reporter has interviewed people who understand the industry, household appliances TM to the popular status of renovation for unscrupulous manufacturers to provide a resource to facilitate, unlawful renovation factory is made a fortune.

"Many foreign investors to buy refurbished machines in their hands channels, they have received tone is, and those recently renovated factory discussion service, large quantities of Chinese home appliances market, refurbished machines." According to one anonymous industry said, "refurbished appliances" have already rare, but has gradually fire up this business seriously disturbed the normal market order. "These foreign investors, mostly from the poorer countries, they never Method vendor purchased at lower prices refurbished home appliances, and then changed hands sold in the domestic market." Interview with reporters that the current renovation of the best selling machine good

CRT Color TV, a 21-inch CRT TV after selling only 400 yuan or so after the renovation, the poverty-stricken areas attractive to consumers.

"This is the renovation of the reasons for repeated machine. Refurbishment factory can earn high profits. Set and guided by the present calculations, a recovery of 21 inch color TV cost only 30 yuan, plus the cost of transport and improved, unlawful refurbishment works more than 80% of profits. "It is understood that almost all small factory refurbished appliances are doing. Buy into the old renovated factory

TV Machine, and then assembled debugging, polished tubes, re-fitted shell, and then renovated a good TV for sale. Sales channels in China are mainly the following three levels of rural market and the number of rental and hotels. Foreign poor countries is an important customer refurbishment works.

Our waste Electronic Urgent mature recycling industries
Appliances TM to make profit from underground factory refurbished? This is not the original intention of this policy. In fact, our country's "home appliances TM" policy for the dismantling of waste household appliances enterprises have strict qualification requirements, provides that "companies need to dismantle the pilot provinces and municipalities by the TM to government from dismantling the existing processing enterprises were identified. companies need to comply with national laws and regulations concerning environmental protection requirements, and have included

Environmental protection Personnel, integrity, etc., six basic conditions. "In fact, through" home appliances TM "recycling waste back into the appliance does the illicit underground market.

"If you only do Jiu Jiadian dismantling, taking into account environmental protection, and sometimes even lose money trading." Insiders, according to Sharp, Japan's appliance recycling is mandatory, and the recovery is by the number of household electrical appliance enterprises co-financing the construction, because appliances are "e-waste" to go through environmental treatment, it is often disassembled and can not produce the value of treatment costs.

It is understood that increased sharply as the amount of waste home appliances recycling, dismantling many companies appear not, and generally facing the embarrassment of storage pressure is difficult to digest. According to a recycling factory in Guangzhou person in charge, "the current large volume of waste household appliances, and factory inventory is limited, manufacturers face a lot of recycling disassembly pressure is not small. Many had claimed that 'hungry' for recovery of the processing power of all enterprises currently close to saturation. "According to industry sources, the current electronic waste recycling industry chain in China at the beginning stage, internal and external management are not perfect, so for recycling businesses, with reasonable price-dumping to the renovation works is one of the most convenient way, both the effort and money.
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Appliances "tm" Fattened Underground Criminal Renovation Works - Appliance Tm, Appliance

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Appliances "tm" Fattened Underground Criminal Renovation Works - Appliance Tm, Appliance

This article was published on 2011/01/27