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Since 2009, "

TM to

"This is the home appliance industry hot topics. Speaking of appliances for a TM to the impression many people may just stay idle in the use of home appliances Jiu Jiadian in exchange for a new level, The" TM "which details , but not everyone 11 .

Nanfang Daily newspaper launched the "appliance TM to a pass," is to allow more consumer awareness appliances TM to the policy rules to allow more consumers to more easily understand the old appliance to get a new form of subsidy in order to bring more convenience for consumers.

policy background

Why push appliances TM to?

2009 7 2, "Implementation Measures appliances TM to" finally after a long wait "approach" in the clear, since June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010, the state will 2 billion yuan special funds arranged in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu,


, Shandong, Guangdong, Fuzhou, Changsha and other 9 provinces and municipalities to carry out television sets, refrigerators, washing machines,

Air conditioning

, Computers, home appliances category 5 "TM" pilot.

Financial crisis was raging, although

Bringing home appliances

Energy-saving projects that benefit the stimulation, the home appliance market has been expanding domestic consumption. Appliances "TM", introduction of policies to implement, but it is to stimulate a greater extent more large urban market consumer appliances. "Measures" referred to the purpose of this policy is to "further promote the expansion of consumer demand, improve resource


Use efficiency, reduce environmental pollution and promote energy saving and recycling economy. "

Indeed, several years ago, many businesses also use the Enterprise Edition "TM" approach to marketing, many individual vendors also cheap buy used household appliances. However, the final waste appliances BC TCT R? Many businesses or directly to the Jiu Jiadian re-packaging, re-return to the market, this way, not only harm the interests of consumers, resulting in waste of energy. In addition, there is no recovery Jiujia Dian thrown away, not only a waste of resources, has led to serious pollution of the environment.

Therefore, the state promulgated the "TM" policy, one for stimulating domestic demand, stimulate consumption considerations, the second is the high energy consumption, environmental pollution Jiu Jiadian recovered and handed over to the successful dismantling companies disassembled, the disassembled down


, Copper and other raw materials, recycling, reduce environmental pollution and improve resource utilization; and consumers buy new appliances, better energy savings and emission reduction targets.

receiving subsidies

To receive subsidies and depreciation charges

For consumers, used not only to worry about how to handle electrical appliances, buy new appliances can also get financial subsidies; For firms, the state funding to encourage consumer spending, but also can increase sales pocketed popular. Such a good policy, consumers, and manufacturers certainly rush. So, appliances TM to how the policy is conducted?

It is understood that such subsidies are divided into two categories, one is a home appliance subsidies, subsidies under the new appliance standards


10% of the price subsidies, subsidies for a maximum of: TV 400 yuan / sets, refrigerators (including freezers) 300 yuan / sets, washing machines and 250 yuan / sets, air-conditioning 350 yuan / sets, computer 400 yuan / Taiwan. Such subsidies are generally paid in advance from the sale of businesses to consumers, and then sold by the government subsidies to enterprises. Another is the freight subsidy, a subsidy to the recycling business, according to the number of sell Jiujia Dian fixed subsidy.

For consumers, in addition to the new home appliance purchase price subsidy of 10%, the Jiu Jiadian sell Shihai to depreciation charges. "Measures" referred to, this policy applies to the "pilot provinces, municipalities and registered with legal personality or has the pilot provinces, municipalities and local accounts" of the units and individuals, as long as the sell Jiu Jiadian within the prescribed time within 3 months after , when buying new appliances appliances can enjoy subsidies.
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Appliance Tm To Know Policy Rules

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This article was published on 2010/09/11