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Recently, the Ministry of Finance jointly issued by seven ministries and the "
Home Appliances
TM to the implementation of measures, "TM to the subsidies on household appliances, processes, and organizing the implementation of specific provisions such content.

Details soon as he was introduced, it aroused heated discussion. Whether there should stimulate household consumption limit? The maximum ceiling of 400 yuan of subsidy on the low side? The existence of businesses to apply for subsidies after the first price increase policy of "loophole"? On the three hot issues, the reporter interviewed relevant government departments, experts, industry and consumers.

Whether there should be restrictions on residence?

"Implementation measures" provisions of June 1, 2009 to May 31, 2010, in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu,
, Shandong, Guangdong, Fuzhou, Changsha and other 9 provinces and cities and start the pilot. Where in the pilot provinces, municipalities and registered with legal personality or has the pilot provinces, municipalities and local accounts, sell Jiu Jiadian within the specified time and buy a new appliance units and individuals to purchase new appliances in the home appliances can enjoy subsidies.

Shanghai First Financial Channel host, economics Boshi Ma Hong-man that the "TM" implementation of the policy will help upgrade industrial structure, promote
Reduction and recycling economy. However, the TM to the activities, only permanent residents in cities with pilot can enjoy the preferential policy. The experimental areas are mainly in Shanghai, Beijing and other large cities, which means that a large number of TM to the temporary or will be missed by this policy of patronage.

Commerce Business
Secretary Di Jian Kai in an interview with Xinhua that the "TM" subsidies financed by the central government and the pilot provinces and municipalities have a common commitment, the central financial burden of 80%, 20% of the local financial burden. The reason asking for the "TM" consumer subsidies is a local account because local financial resources are limited, they are still unable to achieve the GSP.

"In fact, there are many floating population is in local employment, local spending on local economic development and fiscal revenue contribution, it should have to enjoy the same rights subsidies." Trade Institute of the Ministry of Commerce vice Consumer Economics Director Zhao Ping said.

Allowances are too low?

"Implementation measures" clearly, in the purchase of new appliances that they can enjoy the new appliances
10% of the price subsidies for household appliances. Subsidy limit: TV 400 yuan / sets, refrigerators (including freezers) 300 yuan / Taiwan
Washing machine
250 / units, air-conditioning 350 yuan / sets, computer 400 yuan / Taiwan.

This means that consumers in the purchase of new aircraft, the single can use the "TM" certificate should meet two conditions: First, the product can not exceed their corresponding maximum subsidy; second, no more than 10% of new purchase price. Therefore, some consumers believe that the low subsidy standards.

Majiapu in Fengtai District of Beijing, a region
States United States
Shop, met reporters to come to consult "TM" consumer Zheng Bin: "It now appears that as long as more than 4,000 yuan to buy the product, we can not enjoy a subsidy of 10%, not as the direct participation mall down, discount, full of gifts and other activities, feeling much larger force. "

This, the State Ho Yang Qing, vice president of the United States is optimistic: "The current policy design for many consumers still attractive and can serve to accelerate household electrical appliances, especially TV and air conditioning that the role of two types of product upgrades. to television, for example, many families now use or ordinary CRT television, in itself needs replacement, introduction of this policy, the redemption of the new HD,
Can receive financial subsidies, and the manufacturers and traders of promotional measures will be at the same time, it is no contradiction between the two. "

Present, Beijing, Tianjin and other places some of the Gome and Suning stores have already begun to "TM." Zhao Ping that the rules promulgated by the state in the end there are no clear criteria based on the Jiu Jiadian product valuation, and Jiu Jiadian pricing in the recovery process will directly affect consumers, "TM" level of interest, Therefore, we must as soon as possible a scientific, consistent, objective evaluation criteria Jiujia Dian.
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Appliance Tm To Hot Up: Allowances Are Too Low - Appliance Tm, Appliance Sales - Network Appliance

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Appliance Tm To Hot Up: Allowances Are Too Low - Appliance Tm, Appliance Sales - Network Appliance

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