Appliance store chain planning the management of change in the situation

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Ago, Gome identified a set of reform proposals, its more than 1,300 stores will be deployed by the manufacturers for nearly 100 000 promoters and return, all use their own sales staff. Thus, in the future before a store just take a 1 / 3 of the sales staff. This has been put on the agenda of reform, as it involves a wide range of more than the number of great influence on the upstream
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Manufacturers, will no doubt be an earthquake.

Gome's move shocks the whole home appliance retail, but not clear at all before
Sun Weimin, president, said Su Ning has no similar plans. However, he believes that long term, "This is the trend of development of the industry." Avoid the risk of a successful model to emulate the country or the United States in less than 10 years, the number of stores out of the 1300, especially in the acquisition of large and medium , Wing-lok, the forces to further expansion, rapid growth in the enjoyment of store growth in the high performance, while the country is gradually brewing in the United States and how the business model from managing store up problems.

Early as 2004, Gome Huang Guangyu, chairman of the implementation of zero-makers had put forth the promoters of the policy, but in the end as appliance vendors failed to achieve a collective boycott. Today, the country of the United States finally decided to try a radical, this related to its more than 1,300 stores, nearly 100 thousand promoters can change their identities emerged. Gome president Chen Xiao believes that this revolution will ultimately raise at least 5% of Gome margin. Sighted able to see this is to the right of management to control move.

In fact, the country decided to incorporate the U.S. promoters of this initiative is not the first factory. Global consumer electronics giant Best Buy retail chain in 2006, that is beginning to enter the Chinese market in the U.S. employment model??? Cancel plant to promote bias-free shopping guide, successful replication to its Shanghai store, which received widespread attention in the field of home appliances .

"States 100 000 United States incorporated the practice of factory promoters does not exclude the one hand, to avoid the" Labor Contract Law "policy risk may be; the other hand, follow the example of Europe and the United States consumer electronics chain counterparts success??? Import without bias Shopping guide mode, strengthening the management capacity in the store while dilute the brand manufacturer, supplier constraints and thus trying to get rid of full control of the terminal. "known sources made clear that observers Duanmu.

As another giant home appliance chain Suning, the attitude will be the development of the whole thing covered with a delicate veil. Su Ning, who has worked in senior management, "said Su Ning on their marketing model has been a very confident move for Gome, Suning now select wait and see attitude is the best answer."

New management system to streamline the large terminal personnel stationed on site promotion Shopping guide conventional marketing fast moving consumer goods industry, one of the patterns of these Shopping guide the management of personnel concentrated in the hands of manufacturers, so the store management salaries and related costs of general borne by the manufacturer to the next.

However, once the country has incorporated the U.S. to achieve its salary payment "does not exclude indirect from direct payments paid to the possibility of transformation, from the manufacturer or dealer to the factory Promoters base salary, commission, payment of social security package to the home appliance chain enterprises; appliance chain management fees in calculating the so-called incorporated again after the factory after the promoters to pay. "Duanmu clear statement to this reporter said.

Manufacturers dispute the right to speak resurgence, "Oh, you're not into the shop, good location you do not, then I assume the cost of who?" Said a veterans home appliance chain.

"Stationed in your store, you will be completely in accordance with the rules, how can we have the right to speak?" They blame the manufacturer.

Side is growing and manufacturers, one side is getting a brand business sales channels. The face of increasingly meager profits appliance industry, strong combination has had quite a fight, everybody wants to win in the game in the process of voice, making the delicate relations between the two sides.

Right to fight for a new round will begin.

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Appliance store chain planning the management of change in the situation

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This article was published on 2010/07/29