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Have suffered the pain of the Chinese counterfeit consumers hate most is, "Mrs. Wang rule has boasted," especially for household appliances. Even if you re honest, then inside, and not seemingly independent third-party institutions seemingly just promotion, your product is not trustworthy on the ground. Once an expert's personal experience to this new product on the whole body as the soul as spirit possession through, hard to serve the media journalists also Magic Pen flower, spread product awareness flew on north-south river.

The year 2000, businesses also are looking to rely on advertising to handsome boys & girls, but the star route slowly not working, so industry experts beautifully, and the rapid formation of highly destructive industrial market.

In fact, the market was there, only that it is a gang of Chinese appliance Association dominated the so-called experts. That year, in addition to respected director Huo, wearing the title of the Consumer Electronics Association to the Secretary-General more. Their part, they go from Guangdong, Qingdao, Zhejiang, home appliance manufacturers around the news conference, speaking in terms of that to a few empty words are foggy.

To really flourish in the home appliance market, industry experts, can not fail to mention Lu Renbo Luzhu Ren. Can even be said Lu Zhuren with the power of one has been to promote the home appliance industry experts now the market's prosperity.

Luzhu Ren's fame simple to say that newspapers around the piano out the data, then the whole of the industry report, marked with the country on behalf of the Center Appliance discussion group, free to the media to disseminate. To know, to be edited adult "writing can not just listen to manufacturers , and must have third-party claim" drove around the small journalists be thrown off balance, get Luzhu Ren's analysis of how the minds of barely disguised pleasure.

Lu Zhuren business card on the title of the State Council Development Research Center of Market Economy Institute deputy director of market consulting center, it is regrettable that the Chinese like short, so many reporters accompanying the pen, Lu Renbo to become deputy director of China Research Center. Obediently in a East, the expert-level enough overawed any print media editors.

Just a few years, Lu Zhuren and discussion group the rapid rise in China's household appliances, of course, including his public relations firm. No exaggeration to say, look at household appliances from the dead, the newspapers quoted by the media, the highest record of the experts than Luzhu Ren, not two to three years ago, Lu Zhuren appliance experts as the only solution to the dead, even now blossoming appliance industry experts will out, casual Internet search on the keyword "Lu Renbo", with 0.001 seconds when you can find news about 31 300, text affected large power small electric black white digital IT, all-round!

Tree attracts the wind perhaps, Luzhu Ren's success also attracted many people red-eye in both directions. Fortunately, Lu Zhuren humility, but also warm and hospitable, so Whenever Lu Zhuren lead companies engaged in conference, there are always new industry experts involved, backing a large home appliances such as the China Institute, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Information Industry and so on, backing a small audio-visual associations, such as installation of Association . It does not matter, like a third party is not independent, not money sing opera on, we can not have the time to identify.

This trick has come to be ambitious integrated industrial chain of home appliance chain store to steal the resources to learn. The more open and more shops, Gome, who ordered two years earlier on a Hot News home network, use of household appliances to run the country the capital of the United States were recorded as an expert to keep up appearances. Now quickly jump up Red Hot News Network, has become an information appliance industry pool, wind vane, particularly when the bad news for competitors Suning, Suning public relations office is a powerful Babel, Hot News Network will be on the most headlines. Allegedly plotting Suning now also buy a certain home network, not confirmed bad nonsense insiders hope to announce.
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Appliance Industry Expose Black: "third Party" Behind The Drive - Appliances, Appliance

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Appliance Industry Expose Black: "third Party" Behind The Drive - Appliances, Appliance

This article was published on 2011/01/23